Gentlemen: Golf slacks, appropriate length shorts, collared golf shirts (tucked in) and socks.

Ladies: Slacks, appropriate length shorts and/or skirts and golf sportswear. Appropriate length shorts and/or skirts is no more than 5” above the knee.

The following is not acceptable for course attire:

  • Cargo shorts or pants, jeans, sweats, military or camouflage clothing, athletic shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, bathing suits, tennis shorts, or cutoffs.
  • Mock turtlenecks must be at least 1 - 1/2” in height. Golf shirts must be tucked in at all times (men only)
  • We strongly suggest head-wear be worn with the bill facing forward.

Any improperly attired member or guest will be asked to change into appropriate attire before beginning his/her practice or play. Proper attire can also be purchased in the golf shop.

The golf shop staff will be responsible for determining what is or is not appropriate.